Applications for ConCorda Chamber Music Course for Strings 2021 are now closed.

We will announce details for ConCorda 2022 later in the year.


ConCorda 2021

The course may change depending on COVID-19 restrictions and will include a number of aspects from the online course ConCorda ReImagined 2020. We will only proceed with an in-person course if it is absolutely safe to do so.

Please note: a 3-minute video submission, of a single piece of music, is required as part of your application.

The video is NOT an audition but will be used to organise players into quartets with those of a compatible ability and will not be made public by us.

A video recorded on a smartphone or tablet will be perfectly suitable. It is your playing that we are interested in rather than the quality of the recording.

Please upload the video to a streaming service such as YouTube or Vimeo and provide us with a link, either included in the application form or by email later to

The video(s) need not be public – you can upload it as an unlisted video if you wish.

If you are having any difficulties, please contact the IAYO office at or 021-4215185.

Participation Fee

€250. Fees are payable on acceptance to the course.

We understand that the summer plans are all very uncertain under the current circumstance. However, we plan to go ahead with ConCorda 2021 for the moment. If in the event that the course is cancelled, all fees that have been paid will be refunded.


There is a €50 reduction for the second and subsequent students from the same family.

There is a 10% discount available to those that participate in both ConCorda and the Xenia Chamber Music Course in Fenestrelle in the Alps of Northern Italy. Find out more about the Xenia Course.

Selection Criteria

Participants are selected on the following basis:

  • A balance of instruments on the course, ideally a ratio of 2 violins to 1 viola to 1 cello.
  • A balance of standard and experience in each of the quartets taking part in, or formed for the course.
  • ConCorda has been traditionally a senior chamber music course. While requirements define ages normally 14 – 26, with special credit given to outstanding young talent, when selection is necessary the older and/or more advanced applicants will get priority acceptance.
  •  Selection between applicants who are of the same expertise, age and qualification will gain precedence if they come as part of a preformed group and/or have already played at ConCorda for a number of years.
  • If there is an imbalance of instruments at selection time, those who show more versatility (e.g. violinists doubling viola) may receive ‘special’ credit for this.